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Boris Cherniak

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Book an interactive presentation to deliver positive mindset tools and an incredible impact. Keynote performance includes comedy hypnosis and positive messaging, while focusing on mental health and stress relief. Every performance provides tools to impact lives, increase productivity and transform environment with thoughts and language.

Accomplishments & Awards: 2x TEDx speaker, 2x Global Leader, Global Gurus Top 30 Motivational Speaker, Hypnotist of the Year and 3x Special Events Entertainer of the Year.

On TV & Festivals: Maury, Robert Irvine Show, Howie Mandel Show, The Casino, The Vegas Show, Comics, CNN, CBC, CBS, FOX, NBC and at Just for Laughs and Boston Comedy Festival.

Clients: Google, Telus, Microsoft, Marriott, Pfizer, 3M, Sysco, Raytheon, Sony, DQ, NY Life.

Presentations that fuel positive change, empowerment, resilience, bonding & productivity.
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Inspiring and Delivering Results:
Positive attitude with tools for resilience
Understanding the mind and ability to eliminate stress
Meditation techniques and triggers for anxiety relief


Book Boris, then RELAX!
10,000+ media appearances, performances and keynotes in 35+ countries
Making event planners look fantastic
Over 4 decades of glowing reviews

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Author of
Book You Can Do Anything

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Keynote Programs
You Can Do Anything Author of a book that bears the name of this program, this unique and interactive presentation shows ways to overcome challenges and discover untapped potential.
Program Your Mind for Success Boris provides a simple method to program your mind for success that leads to a path of happiness and productivity.
Study of SELF Seminar Includes communication and body language components, designed to inspire leadership and breakthrough self-discovery.
Mental Health Toolbox Boris provides stress relief, positivity, tools to cope and inspiration in an interactive presentation.
A custom combination of all of the above is easily attainable for maximum impact.

"Tools and takeaways to help improve mental health and overall well-being."
"Boris delivered a positive and uplifting motivation!"
"A calming, reassuring voice."
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