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Informative motivational programs to entertain and transform thinking and mindset. Boris helps understand and overcome mental blocks with humorous hands-on examples. Deal with difficult situations effectively and decisively in a business environment with takeaway tools and the how-to succeed formula.

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You Can Do Anything
Mindset for resilience, success and happiness

Author of a book that bears the name of this program, this unique and interactive demonstration of power of suggestion shows ways to overcome challenges and discover people's untapped potential. The format is fast-paced and entertaining. Employees at all levels embrace future with innovation, productivity, creative and positive thinking. Attendees learn to focus on maximizing their potential. This keynote or seminar is hilarious, interactive and informative.

Program Your Mind for Success

Boris taps into an extensive background in programming, analysis, comedy and psychology to deliver a fun interactive presentation that will be talked about for years to come. He combines the disciplines to deliver a keynote that infuses fun and creates leaders and visionary thinkers. Boris provides a simple method to program your mind for success that leads to a path of happiness and productivity. Ideal for a leadership summit, kick off or closing keynote as it combines motivation with entertainment.

Fear No Fear

Boris was a regular Maury show guest expert, helping with unusual and extreme phobias, which makes him uniquely qualified to discuss how easily fears can be overcome. This unique and interactive presentation teaches attendees that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear is learned and we all have them - public speaking, darkness and even the unknown. The presentation is interactive, hilarious and delivers the message loud and clear to help attendees deal with change, fear, stress, and achieving goals. Highly entertaining and powerful keynote presentation where attendees become stars.

The Study of Self

Seminar available as an ad-on to an interactive keynote, which includes Body Language, Communication components and is designed to inspire leadership and breakthrough self-discovery.

Mental Health Toolbox
* Virtual Presentation *

Relieve stress and anxiety while being inspired and motivated. Boris provides immediately actionable ways to eliminate fears and negative thinking. He leads the team through guided meditation and provides stories to create a positive mental state. Boris inspires, delivers results and is a thought leader who makes a difference. Boris is a leading authority on positive thinking and fearless attitude in life and business. The presentation includes a Q&A period that provides concrete examples and a download to reinforce the material.

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