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Funny and Inspirational Comedy Hypnotist

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Entertaining at schools, college and university campuses accross USA and Canada. The performance constantly evolves. Watch new exciting skits every time you see the show. Colleges and universities re-book yearly. Event co-ordinators recommend this quality hypnotist because the performance emparts positive mantra and improves mental health. Campus Orientation week, Graduation, Winter Carnival and Homecoming are extremely popular - book early.
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  Boris was very professional and displayed undying enthusiasm for his work! This was also very apparent during his performance for the students. Boris catered all his material to our requests prior to the event and put on a flawless show to suit our audience. He also stayed well after the show to speak with interested and curious audience members, answering all of their many questions! The show was highly entertaining, full of amazement and howling laughter! The audience was an interactive part of the show with Boris himself running into the audience and bringing the show with him. We received tons of very positive feedback from our students who indicated it was a highlight of their first week. Boris was very easy to work with and I would recommend his services for any school or function.  


Student Activity with a positive message

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Award-winning Hypnotist for School Events

  • frosh week and first contact party activity
  • student orientation programs
  • nooner shows and lunch hour performance
  • sorority and fraternity party entertainer
  • residence life entertainment event
  • welcome week comedy show
  • homecoming
  • awards dinner
  • prom and project graduation
  • grad lock-in
  • school assembly
  • winter and spring carnival
  • programming to enhance morale
  • teen leadership programs
  One of our most loved and hilarious events, guaranteed to make you laugh and give you a great story to tell.  


  We had Boris on our campus three years in a row - great show every time!  


Entertainer of the Year

High Energy Show

College Hypnotist The Incredible Boris performs on campus in universities, colleges and high schools. He travels all across USA and Canada. He will hypnotize and give audiences positive suggestions. Students walk away with the power to achieve anything they put their minds to. They learn to succeed! Book a hypnotist at a school event to see the impact of this show.

Boris regularly showcases at NACA, COCA and APCA schools. His comedy hypnosis show is always a huge hit. Every show is different and always unforgettable.
with Jimmy Fallon

Programming for Frosh Week, Homecoming, Fraternity, Sorority, Residence Events

Start of school term is reserved for fun activities. Student Orientation or Week of Welcome is often called frosh week in most colleges and universities across United States and Canada. In the United States, first year students are called freshmen. In Canada, first year university students are referred to as Frosh or Phrosh.

The show builds spirit and morale. It excites imagination and creates stars on campus. Boris showcases unlimited potential and powers of the mind. Students will be laughing hysterically. The presentation is clean, motivational and a perfect choice for high school assemblies and college and university events.
Freshman Student Activities

Musical & Interactive

The show captivates an audience right from the start. Boris is a comedian and director of events that keeps the performance moving. He pays attention to every detail and participant, always presenting fun and tasteful material. The audience participation show is high energy and demonstrates limitless potential.

Boris is a master hypnotist and an amazing showman who commands attention from beginning to end. The show is hilarious. Students will be discussing this event on social media. Boris is regularly asked to return year after year. Trust a seasoned performer with a unique and unforgettable show for your school function.

  He was awesome! Boris has a way with a crowd. People loved him.  


Inspirational Fun Show

The show motivates to:

Conference Entertainment
  • exceed potential
  • improve relationships
  • positive attitude
  • effectively deal with change
  • get better grades
  • improve study habits
  • dream your way to success
  • become a leader
  • live life confidently
  • effective mind control
  • use body language effectively
  • stress-relief in school
  • absorb information easier
  • improve memory
  • think outside the box

Yearly Hypnosis Show Tradition

Team Building Hypnotist Hire a student entertainer to leave a lasting impression and simple event planning. A successful event will get you accolades from your peers and friends. Boris makes sure every step of the booking process is easy and pleasant. The presentation is humorous and motivational. Boris provides a great deal of showbusiness knowledge and marketing materials to make sure your event is well attended and advertised. The show is always age approppriate and routines deliver an experience that is the highlight of the year.
Bonding activity for schools, colleges, universities and future business leaders.
  Show was too funny for words! Before Boris brought his participants back to full consciousness, he planted healthy hypnotic suggestions like eating well, quitting smoking and stressing less.  


  I wanted to let you know how awesome the show was! It was one of the best attended events we've had all year, and the students can't wait to have him back. He was very friendly and easy to work with.  


  Brilliant! For the trird consecutive year Boris has wowed a capacity crowd. He brought up several dozen people on stage to set what was to be an exciting display of mind control.  


  The Incredible Boris visited our atrium to shock and amaze us. He did that to a tee!  


  The Incredible Boris has made another assault, leaving in his wake scores of dazed and delighted followers... fifth local engagement, making him the most often returned performer!  


Colleges and Universities

Cornell University
Centennial College
Bishops University
York University
Michigan State University
Ryerson University