Need a hug?

Wrap your hands around the screen and squeeze tight!

I Need a Hug

Hugs are wonderful!

A hug delivers a mesage of love and acceptance without saying a word. The most amazing sentiment that comforts and soothes. Tell someone you love them just by getting them closer to you in a cute and charming manner. When someone is lonely, depressed, feeling unwanted and miserable, give them a bear hug instead of a greeting card, flowers or well wishes. Hugs are free and are always welcome. Whenever it is coupled with a kiss and a smile, it brings joy in most miserable circumstances. Have you broken up with someone and need a hug? Do you want to cry on someone's shoulder? It is easy to make a person feel better just by wrapping your arms around them. Hug a loved one daily. You will feel fantastic for improving someone's day. You never need a reason to hug. Always make it warm and fuzzy.