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Hilarious interactive show

Hypnotist at local fair or exhibition

Performing at some of the greatest places on earth - from State Fairs to National Exhibitions. Performer that stops traffic and has people bringing friends to enjoy the interactive show repeatedly. The performance is self-contained. Media loves hilarious demonstrations. Witness mind control and never-ending laughter.

  Always personable, approachable and friendly to staff and audience members. He can be family friendly and broad with physical comedy, or use more adult themes and be more intellectual and emotional: Boris is hilarious either way. I would certainly recommend Boris for his unique blend of humor and positive attitude. His show has a universal appeal.  

Tanana Valley State Fair, Fairbanks, Alaska

Funny Entertainer

Show demo for Colleges and Universities.

Award-winning Show for Fairs & Festivals

  • one man show
  • rave reviews
  • simple production
  • interactive entertainment
  • ticketed or free event
  • excellent reputation
  • abundance of marketing materials
  • TV credits and proven track record
  • repeat clientelle
  • fun show with universal appeal
  • suitable for family audience
  • superb talent buyer experience
  • hilarious audience participation
  Choosing a hypnotist for local fair, look no further. The C.L.E would highly recommend Boris to anyone in need of entertainment. Boris presents an extremely class act, highly professional, Boris really livened up our show and was the highlight of our evening performances. A crowd pleaser for both young and old.  

Canadian Lakehead Exhibition

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  Elevating hypnotism from parlor shtick to a comedic state of mind!  

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High Impact Performance

Hypnotist Incredible Boris appears at fairs across Canada and USA. He draws record crowds to his award-winning show. The performance has universal appeal and is the topic of conversation long after it is over. Boris is available to perform several shows daily and provides competitive pricing for multiple shows. His show delights audiences with music, fast pace and never-ending laughter.
Award Winning Entertainer

Show Length and Requirements

Typical fair show runs 45 to 90 minutes. Content and length can be easily customized to the venue. Technical requirements are simple - a sound system, chairs and staging with a staircase from the audience. Multiple shows in a day are a regular occurrence and encouraged. Talent buyers are regularly re-booking this hilarious entertainer yearly.
  Boris never ceases to amaze!  

HOWIE MANDEL - America's Got Talent, Deal or No Deal

Grandstand or Variety Stage Show

Hypnotist at the FairThe performance is very funny. Participants become stars of the event. Boris creates fans that return to see the show repeatedly. Each show is unique and remembered fondly for a very long time.
Boris creates fans, repeat customers and loyal followers. He delivers perfection on stage and during the booking process. Talent buyers rave about every aspect of his show. A simple production that requires minimal staff and delivers maximum impact for a lifetime of memories.
Boris makes the unexpected look naturally funny. He directs the events, keeping the show moving. Latest music complements the performance. Participants and audience members interact with hysterical results. Witness a performance by a master showman who captivates audiences from the moment he steps on stage.

Marketable Performance

Promo Multitude of promotional materials are available to make the event a smashing success. High definition pictures can be downloaded directly from this web site along with biography and posters. Boris' television credits and excellent show reputation ensure a sell-out crowd and repeat clientele. People regularly return to see the show again and again, while they bring friends along.
Boris is readily available for media interviews and makes a fascinating subject of conversation. He is also available for meet and greets. The shows has wow factor and lasting impact.
  Hypnotist show at Toronto CNE includes a marriage proposal! Darren Chow, 33, wanted it to be really special when he proposed to Christine Kou. So he enlisted the help of a hypnotist performing at the CNE.  

Toronto Star

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