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Boris Cherniak - Comedy Hypnotist & Motivational Speaker

The schedule below lists only public appearances (that tickets can be purchased for) and select campus events. When tickets are available for purchase, a link is provided. Private performances are NOT listed due to confidentiality and high client profiles. To check availability, please use the booking request button below or give us a call. Corporate keynote and hypnosis show is available worldwide.

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Boris Cherniak's touring schedule is a testament to his popularity and demand as a highly sought-after comedy hypnotist and keynote speaker. With a packed calendar of events, Boris travels extensively to entertain and inspire audiences worldwide.

Throughout the year, Boris embarks on a dynamic tour, making appearances at a wide range of venues and events. From corporate conferences and conventions to comedy clubs and theaters, his performances captivate audiences from all walks of life. Boris's touring schedule includes both domestic and international destinations, allowing him to share his unique brand of entertainment on a global scale.

Whether he's headlining a hypnosis show or delivering a keynote speech, Boris's touring schedule takes him to diverse cities and countries. Boris brings his infectious energy and humor to audiences of all sizes. His versatile performances transcend cultural and language barriers, ensuring a universally enjoyable experience.

Boris Cherniak's touring schedule reflects his commitment to delivering exceptional performances and making a lasting impact. With meticulous planning and attention to detail, he ensures that each tour stop is a memorable experience for his audience.

For those interested in catching Boris in action, staying updated with his touring schedule is key. This page and social media platforms provide regular updates on upcoming shows and appearances, allowing fans and event organizers to plan accordingly and secure their dates.

Boris Cherniak's touring schedule is a testament to his talent, professionalism, and global appeal. Whether he's performing on stages near or far, his captivating presence and exceptional performances continue to delight audiences around the world.