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People love being charitable while having a great time. A celebrity hypnotist will spice up your event lineup. Performance has universal appeal. Increase revenue with an interactive entertainer who can act as master of ceremonies. Giving back to community makes everyone feel great. With a unique style and engaging stage presence, you are in for a wonderful time.

  Boris never ceases to amaze!  

HOWIE MANDEL - America's Got Talent, Deal or No Deal

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  The entertainment provided during the gala was very well received. The content was well suited and appropriate, sensitive to the particulars and carefully articulated. The performance was captivating and retained the audience’s attention throughout the 90 minute show. This fast pace and outstanding performance kept the audience on the edge of their seats and had them talking about it for weeks and will continue to be a conversation topic for a long time. Many commented on how fantastic Boris was, that they haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, and that it created an upbeat and entertaining atmosphere which is what we were trying to achieve.  

Kinder Foundation

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  Highly entertaining and fun show! The doctors, nurses, administrators, allied health professionals, volunteers and even patients and their families had a hilarious time experiencing the Incredible Boris. While our routine tends to be one of immense seriousness coupled with constant concern for the well-being of our patients, you helped torelieve some of the stress and lighten the load if just for an hour or so. Your talent is admired by many and you have proved that hypnotism is a form of healing as much as it is entertaining.  

Sir Mortimer B. Davis Hospital

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Award-winning Performance

Hypnotist The Incredible Boris performs at fundraisers, charity auctions and fundraising events and balls worldwide. He is a charismatic entertainer, who delivers a fun performance that has audiences in uncontrollable fits of laughter. Throughout this captivating show, Boris conveys positive messages to the participants and event attendees.
Boris is the leading speaker and presenter. He has won numerous local and international awards. The performance is upbeat and fast paced. Interactive comedy and power of suggestion are combined into an improvisational show. Your attendees are more likely to donate funds generously when they are in a great mood. Boris delivers that and more. He helps many organizations raise money while being entertained by an extremely entertaining show that is absolutely unforgettable.
Award Winning Entertainer

Fun Charity Event

Boris injects fun into any fundraiser or charity event. He makes booking entertainment easy for the for the committees and event planners. He provides extensive expertise, creative fundraising event ideas and customized show options. Boris delivers the sentiments of the organizers as part of his performance. The show never oversteps the boundaries of good taste and is always presented with extreme sensitivity to political correctness. Boris is a perfect solution for entertainment at a fundraiser or charity event, an interactive after-dinner gala performance with event attendees.
  The event brought in more than $350,000 to help United Way fund its network of 200 health and social service agencies. The Incredible Boris, a mind-blowing hypnotist had people awe-struck by his abilities.  

United Way

Exciting Charity Gala Entertainment

Hypnosis Show The hypnotism show presents improvisational comedy and interactive examples of control of people's environment through imagination. Participants become stars of the show. Boris showcases the powers of the mind, while keeping audiences laughing.
Fundraising committees, talent scouts and special event planners love working with Boris. He makes it easy for event planners by making certain every part of his presentation is delivered to perfection - in front of the audience and behind the scenes. Experience the excitement and fascination of this unique art form delivered by a master showman!
The show is fascinating. Boris transforms the thought into visual actions and reactions though post-hypnotic suggestions. He is a master of improvisational comedy and makes the unexpected hilarious. Boris directs the events, while keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. The show moves at lightning pace. Boris masterfully tells a visual story with the participants acting out the scenes.
Experience the moment. The memory will stay in your mind forever.

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Motivational Hypnotist Are you looking for fundraising event ideas that result in higher revenues and positive feedback? Every performance successfully combines entertainment value with event message. Boris is a charming entertainer who captivates his audiences from the instant he takes the stage and delivers a long-lasting impact. He presents comical routines that are combined with upbeat musical numbers, giving this one-man-show the feel of an elaborate theatrical performance.
The audience is treated to entertainment which delivers precisely the right message while helping raise funds for worthwhile causes. Boris will exceed your expectations. The shows are always tasteful and classy. Experience the convenience of booking a seasoned entertainer. The show is enhanced with elaborate musical numbers. Witness a fun performance, uncontrollable laughter and world class showmanship. Each performance is easily customized to fit your theme or venue. Attendees become the stars of the show that will be talked about for many years to come.
  Boris was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was prompt in his arrival, professional in his demeanor, amazing with his performance, and kept our members laughing all night! Our customers haven't stopped talking about the show yet. I strongly recommend Boris for any event - clean, fun, and very entertaining.  

Lockport Athletic

  Boris delighted the audience!  


  Elevating hypnotism from parlor shtick to a comedic state of mind!  


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