Keynote & Comedy Hypnosis Show Options

Booking Cost Factors

How much event planners expect to pay when booking a professional comedy hypnotist or motivational speaker?

Price reflects experience level, date, presentation length, audience size, location and additional services offered.

 Regular Performance 1500 - 4500
 Seasoned performer 4500 - 7500
 Celebrity and thought leaders 7500 +
 Virtual Presentations Based on requirements
Corporate Events • Fundraisers • Fairs & Festivals • Colleges & Universities • Theater • Special Events
Hypnotized Orchestra

45-90 Minute Keynote Presentation

Hilarious presentation of mind control that is team building and inspiring. Participants are audience volunteers. Skits transport hypnotized subjects into a world of wonders that pushes the limits of imagination. Laughter is the best medicine to energize the body and improve mood.
Famous Hypnotist on Stage

Workshop and Q&A

Have a powerful discussion that leaves a lasting impression. Topics covered include the use of body language, art of powerful words and comical stories that deliver an impact that resonates with each audience member. Psychology of positive thinking and its effect on all those around will lead to improved productivity, sales and satisfy curiosity.
Hypnosis CD

Book - You Can Do Anything

Relate the powerful message right on the cover along with stories that deliver the message in an easy and humorous manner. Order books in bulk at a discount.
Hypnosis CD

Self Help Hypnosis Recordings

Recordings are available to enjoy as take-away materials after the motivational team building activity. A gift that helps people stay motivated and positive - provided as a download (numerous titles available).

Mental Health speaker to relieve Anxiety and Stress

Virtual Speaker
Get your team engaged, entertained and receive tools to deal with stress and anxiety.

A guided online meditation shows how to reset and thrive.

Boris taps into stories of personal victories and setbacks to showcase his points as well as instilling resilience and a positive mindset.

Event Planning FYI:

How much does a comedy hypnotist or keynote speaker cost? Price and Budget?

Pricing depends on many factors such as date, audience size, show length, where the show is being held and costs to get there. We can provide an all-inclusive quote and work within your budget. Whether the performance is around the corner or around the world, changes the cost. Each show is dealt with individually to provide the best options. Event planners repeatedly use our services because of reliability and amazing experiences.

Travel Expenses.

Our team will take care of all the travel arrangements. Boris is happy to accomodate early arrival to venues for publicity, early showtimes or peace of mind. If your company has a travel department, we require:

Length and content.

Content is always tasteful and approppriate. Boris provides motivation for the attendees. Comedy and laughter are the main focus along with team building and inspiration. We suggest 60-90 minute shows, but depending on event schedule, can range from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Show routines are selected specifically for the audience and change every performance. Watch videos to see what to expect and sentiment of every presentation. The amount of time on stage dictates the quantity of skits and type of material.

Live in person or Virtual.

Whether engaging people in a live setting or online, we have options that suit every need and budget. We will discuss all available options and content choices to make event planner's vision a reality.

Keynote speaker, show or inpirational seminar.

Boris is often hired to lighten the work load of conferences and meetings. His presentation can be presented as after dinner entertainment, keynote or self-improvement seminar that will energize the team to deliver results.

Motivational and Team building.

Every performance can be presented as an entertaining motivational activity - Boris provides team motivation and inspiration by demonstrating how to overcome mental blocks in life an business. It is a fantastic way to get your group bonding and engaged.

How big is the audience?

The show has been performed for audiences of all sizes - as little as 50 people and as many as 15,000. Boris is a master showman that caters the presentation to his audience and delivers an unprecedented impact.

Stage, Sound, Lights and Video?

Number of shows and dates.

Working with a limited Budget?

Every situation is considered and every effort is made to accomodate the budget, no matter how tight.

Should I make this a surprise?

No. Let everyone know! The mental buildup gets people into the right frame of mind long before the performance starts. Announce an upcoming hypnosis show or keynote speaker to create unprecedented word of mouth at your function to have people eager in anticipation.

Timing of the presentation?

Ideally, the performance should be slated as a keynote with theater-style seating. At events where food is served, the presentation should be scheduled as after-dinner entertainment, since the interactive portion requires participants and we do not want them to miss a great meal.

Do I need to provide a list of people to hypnotize?

No. Show participants are audience volunteers. After a brief explanation participants are invited on stage to get hypnotized. Nothing is pre-arranged and the hypnosis induction is performed right in front of the audience.

Can you incorporate our event theme into the presentation?

Boris regularly includes different themes into his shows. If you need material to be written specifically for your event, let us know. These routines often get tested elewhere to make them perfect for your event.

Will anyone get humiliated or degraded?

Never! Hilarious routines are carefully crafted to motivate and inspire. Participants become stars. Boris demonstrates through funny skits numerous examples of positive thinking and motivation to succeed.

Certified and Insured.

Boris is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists and Harvard Institute of Hypnosis. He carries liability insurance for your protection. He has never needed to use it.

Great Idea! Just need to take it to our entertainment committee?

Please let us know about your event or email Boris your questions.
Boris is available to discuss keynote presentation details by phone with your CEO or event planner.

One more thing!

The performance always gets people talking, but the best compliment is when clients provide Reference Letters and Testimonials.

We look forward to making your next function unforgettable.

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