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TV show appearances include Maury, Howie Mandel Show, The Robert Irvine Show, Montel, The Vegas Show, The Casino, Comics and many more. Clips become viral videos and are shared and discussed on social media. Ratings will soar. Get in touch to receive a pitch for your talk show. Discussion topics:
  • The psychology of a positive mindset in life and workplace
  • Fears and phobias and how to eliminate them
  • Body Language and use of vocabulary to influence and improve
  • Programming your mind for success
  • Hilarious hypnosis demonstrations with hosts and audience members

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Expose your TV audience to a big personality and humorous demonstrations of mind control.

TV talk show producers booking guests? Need a funny comedian and an entertaining human interest story that will boost ratings? Show clips become viral videos. Book a segment with a celebrity comedy hypnotist and motivational speaker with a proven track record to deliver excitement. Request a pitch specific to your show and segment idea. Perfect for a recurring segment of mayhem and hilarity. Boris has also served as a judge on reality show talent competitions, providing inspiration and constructive criticism.
with Jimmy Fallon

Boris appears on televison, radio and written about in the press.
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Boris is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Los Angeles, California, USA and performs worldwide.