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Incredible Hypnotist Boris Cherniak Biography

Boris Cherniak is a multiple award winning comedian hypnotist, motivational speaker, actor and author. He regularly appears on television showcasing incredible powers of hypnosis and power of positive thinking. Boris motivates and inspires. He regularly performs at over 300 events per year. Boris presents a comical point of view, while leaving a lasting impression and enlightening his audiences. His stage name, Incredible Boris Cherniak, describes the sentiment of every performance literally - a positive attitude and constant state of mind. Boris delivers a powerful message of limitless possibilities.

Boris was born in Moscow, Russia on December 12, 1964. He came to Canada when he was 10 years old. As a child, he lived across the road from the Moscow Circus where he was a regular fixture in the audience and backstage, mentored by world-famous clowns Yury Nikulin (Yury Nikulin's Moscow Circus) and Oleg Popov.

As a teen, Boris read the new-age classic The Search For Bridey Murphy by Morey Bernstein, which is a true story about a hypnotist involved in a past life regression - a lady is regressed past her birth, only to reveal names, locations and events of a past. The hypnotist records the session, follows up on the facts provided, and they happen to be true - the events, people and locations actually existed. Excited about a fascinating subject and a skeptic, Boris devoured every available book on hypnosis, hypnotism, hypnotists and hypnotherapy. Follow up books by the Amazing Randi provided valuable insights and possible explanations.

Boris started hypnotizing as a teenager at parties and get-togethers. Early on, friends provided ideas, which have evolved into dramatic and theatrical stage routines today. Boris' creativity and desire to succeed drove him to learn more and perform as much as he could. Incredible amount of stage time and determination allowed development of a unique stage persona and wealth of unforgettable stage routines. He continued gathering all available information about hypnosis, psychology and any other related subjects. York University, University of Toronto and Seneca College provided training in the fields of psychology and computers. Even though the two fields do not appear to be related, computer and mind programming are very similar and provide logical solutions to given instructions. Boris continues to empower and motivate others as part of an entertaining presentation. He is a certified hypnotist and hypnotherapist, whose practice encompasses the entertainment field and motivational team building events. Boris is a member of several hypnosis guilds and organisations. His motivational book of life experiences to inspire the reader, "You Can Do Anything", is available on Amazon, and audiobook (narrated by Boris) on Audible.

Initially, Boris used his first name only, similar to other one-name performers. Eventually, after agents, promoters and club owners kept adding different adjectives, he adapted Hypnotist "Incredible" Boris Cherniak, which described the sentiment of the show more precisely. "Incredible" was used the most.

First professional engagement as a comedy hypnotist at the age of 17, gave start to a vast entertainment career that lead to worldwide performances from Amsterdam to Bermuda, Asia, Middle East and across USA and Canada. Boris' entertaining career spans over 35 years. Boris regularly performs in venues from theatres and nightclubs, colleges and universities, to corporate events, fairs, comedy clubs, theater and casino showrooms. The show is hilarious and audience members shine in front of their peers and friends. Breaking numerous attendance records, word of mouth has been the best form of advertisement. The show is called A Hilarious Hypnotic Event with Hypnotist "Incredible" Boris Cherniak.

Music has been a large part of Boris' life. He is a child prodigy, having completed grade six of Royal Conservatory of Music in flute and also proficient in six other musical instruments. That love for music is incorporated into the show today, keepong the rapid pace between the never-ending laughter.

The show always delivers a positive message. Participants are treated with dignity and respect, while showcasing unlimited potential and immense powers of the mind. Positive suggestions are implanted in participants and audience as thanks for their involvement. The show breaks ground and elevates the observer to a higher level of consciousness. The best way to learn is through laughter.

Trademarked catch phrase Let It Sync In ™ or Let It Sink In ™ signifies a suggestion given to the participants.

Boris showcases hilarious ways to control minds in unforgettable comedy routines. The hypnotized subjects are stars of the show, always presented in a positive light. Boris was a regular guest expert on Maury, helping eliminate unusual fears and phobias. He has been featured on numerous talk shows - The Robert Irvine Show, The Howie Mandel Show, The Vegas Show, Montel, Comics!, and most recently in Adam Sandler's Netflix movie cameo, You are so NOT invited to my Bat Mitzvah. His comedic skills have been showcased at prominent comedy festivals - Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal and Boston Comedy Festival.

On March 10, 2008 Boris followed Jane Fonda and Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York at the Women as Global Leaders Conference in Dubai, U.A.E. - a royal command performance. The presentation was so well received, Boris was asked to do an encore performance, as well as returning later that year for a return engagement.

Boris received numerous national and international awards and nominations. He is a recipient of two Global Leader Awards for his empowering presentations. Boris won the prestigious Canadian Special Events Entertainer of the Year award three times, a national award presented by the event planning community. He was nominated for 2010 Canadian Comedy Award for his one-person show. Boris continues to present excellence on stage and behind the scenes and has received more than 20 other award nominations to date.

Boris is credited as the inventor of the term "Google Me", having put it in a press release in 2004. He also regularly uses it on stage, to describe searching online for his web site using the popular search engine. In December 2011, Google hired Boris for their holiday celebration.

In 2011, Boris entertained troops in Afghanistan's Bagram Air Field as part of Operation HOT - Honoring Our Troops. When Operation HOT returned to Afghanistan and Kuwait in 2013, Boris was asked to join the team once again. Operation HOT 2nd Deployment visited the most remote Forward Operating Bases as well as performing a grandstand show in Kandahar, Afghanistan for the Joint Task Force troops. Boris was honored with commendations from the City of Houston and The White House from President Obama for each of his efforts.

In 2014, Boris joined the elite team of inspiring TED speakers with "I can do anything" TED talk at TEDxYouth event. Boris continued to inspire with his second TED talk at TEDx Chatham-Kent - "Your Emotional Success" in 2017.

Boris regularly performs in Coleges and Universities across Canada and USA. In 2018, he was named Hypnotist of the Year by the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities. In 2020 he won Best Comedy Hypnotist in Canada at Global Excellence Awards.

The interactive presentation is inspirational, positive and includes success take-away tools, garnering Boris to be named repeatedly Global Gurus Top 30 Motivational Speaker.

During the pandemic, Boris shifted to interactive online presentations to empower and engage. The virtual presentation, Mental Health Toolbox, provided ways to improve mindset along with how-to examples, anxiety and stress relief, meditation techniques, resilience and self-discovery.

In 2023, Boris Cherniak joined the cast of the sensational Las Vegas touring show, HYPROV, with stars of "Who's line is it anyway?"

The passion with which Boris takes the stage is engaging and contagious, while the impact of his presentation is unforgettable.