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Power Words

In today's ever-changing world, certain methodology becomes used commonplace, quickly making its way into our daily interactions. This often occurs when a memorable event happens or a need arises to deliver a more precise and condensed meaning, status or attitude. Mainstream and social media helps increase the speed of this transition.

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Disruptor Creative person who has figured out a new way to perform an old task, providing a significant impact on society
Visionary Someone with an ability of imagining the future
Innovator Visionary and disruptor
Hip Trendy and stylish
Hype Don't believe it - See Buzz
Buzz Sound a bee makes and word of mouth on a specific subject
Step Up Live up to expectations
Branding Ability to identify a specific product or service without additional prompting
Accountability Ability to accept consequences for one's actions
Movers and Shakers People who are constantly on the move, regularly delivering results
Passionate Excitement in a subject that drives toward achievement of goals
Power Words Words that deliver precise meaning
Guru expert in a specific field
Micromanage Delegate responsibilities (by an executive) by assigning specific tasks to members of their team
Executive decision Making of a decision without the guidance of authority or when it is not available
Fake News Skewed perception of a newsworthy event, sometimes based on fantasy or distorted facts
Google Me In today's reach for the internet community it is essential for a web site to rank as high as possible in consumer searches on popular search engines. Google is a popular search engine, trusted by the masses. Its popularity gave us this term. Boris is credited as the originator of this word combination, putting it here first.
Google Master Someone who easily finds approppriate results in the popular search engine (you may have heard about it by now)
SEO Search Engine Optimization. Some web sites rank well in search engines because their html code is optimized for the machines. However, they are often not easily readable by humans
Extreme Makeover Transpose towards a new image
Body Language A way to express oneself through body movement and psychology.
Reward Program Member of an exclusive club that provides rewards for membership use.
Frequent Flyer Member of the elite travelers that spend much of their life in the air
Power of Positive Thinking An attitude that relates a positive emotional state
Gatekeeper A person betwen you and the decision maker who can be an ally or inhibiting a successful outcome
Magnetic Personality A person that possesses charisma and regularly elicits a positive interaction
Selfie A picture a person takes of themself
You Know Useless term people use when they have nothing to say or lack the ability to express themselves. We don't know - please explain yourself.
Whatever See - You Know
I Mean See - You Know. We may or may not know what you mean
Like See - Whatever, especially when used in combination with 'You Know' or 'I Mean' or both
Ahm Stretching of time while thinking and filling dead air with noise
Ahem Acknowledging what you just said with disbelief
Basically Here is an overview
In a nut shell See Basically
Absolutely Yes!
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