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Boris has a large social media presence who watch videos and follow him online. Put his name on the marquee and hilarious hypnosis show on stage. Growing demand for comedy allows healthy profits and limited production costs. Ticket prices remain attractive in comparison to music and sports. Talent coordinators love how easy this audience favorite show is to produce.

Hilarious Broadway Show Experience

Montel 6 - Long Lost Lovers Reunion.

Performance Arts Center Comedy Series

  • superb talent buyer experience
  • one man performance
  • rave reviews
  • simple production requirements
  • interactive entertainment
  • possible equity participation
  • hypnotizes people to buy tickets
  • audience members will ask for him back
  • seasoned international performers
  • show with universal appeal
  • unique audience participation show
  • branded performance available for corporate sponsorship
Entertainer of the Year

High Impact Performance

Hypnotist Incredible Boris appears at diverse venues. He is a top theatrical entertainer and multiple award winner. Boris delivers a unique audience participation show full of positive sentiments and experiences. Each performance is different, while every one is unforgettable.
with Jimmy Fallon

Marketing Materials

Boris provides a multitude of marketing materials, pictures and credits to ensure a capacity crowd. He is readily available for media interviews and is a fascinating subject of conversation. The shows deliver a lasting impact. Boris makes talent buying easy and talent director look great.
Award Winning Entertainer

Ticketed Event or Broadway Run

The performance provides comical demonstrations of mind control. Boris makes the participants the stars. He excites the imagination and provides a great mood for everyone involved and witnessing this performance. It will be the most discussed event long after it is over.

A Hilarious Hypnotic Event

Conference Entertainment The show creates fans, repeat customers and loyal followers. Boris delivers perfection on stage and behind the scenes, thus seeing the same bokers repeatedly. It is one of the simplest productions to put on and requires minimal staff.

Audiences will laugh uncontrollably, while their friends, relatives and co-workers perform on stage. Boris is a comedian and acts as direcor of events. The show fits perfectly into regulal season or stand alone performance. Audiences rave and respond with standing ovations. Book this show now. Hypnotists worldwide regard Boris as a leader in the field that creates an amazing experience.

Responses to hypnotic suggestions are unique. Boris makes the unexpected look naturally funny and improvisational. He is the director of events, keeping the show moving in fast pace, musical, paying attention to every detail and participant.

Witness a master showman, who gets the audience to participate in the show and interact with each other. The performance captivates from the moment Boris steps on stage and does not let go until the curtain goes down.

Fun meet-and-greets and media interviews.


Team Building HypnotistOne-man show that will have people laughing and talking for a long time. The show is simple to produce and requires only a sound system, chairs and minimal staffing. Boris will gladly do meet and greets to aknowledge and meet fans. A multitude of marketing materials is provided to have a well attended and advertised performance.

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