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Theatre Show Biography:

A hilarious hypnotic event with legendary comedy hypnotist The Incredible Boris Cherniak. You WILL laugh! A fun night that combines inspiration and interactive hilarity in the hands of a hypnosis virtuoso. Boris' dynamic stage presence, infectious energy, and ability to engage with a crowd will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Boris is the author of "You Can Do Anything!" and has appeared on The Robert Irvine Show, The Howie Mandel Show, Maury, The Vegas Show, Comics, Montel, The Casino, at Just for Laughs Festival and Boston Comedy Festival, and Adam Sandler's recent Netflix movie. His unique blend of comedy, hypnosis, improvisation and captivating storytelling delights audiences worldwide. He has headlined on the Las Vegas strip, entertained troops in Afghanistan and Kuwait, and empowered women at a leadership conference in Dubai. Boris was named Special Event Entertainer of the Year 3 times, as well as awarded titles of Global Leader, Global Guru and Hypnotist of the Year.

The passion with which Boris takes the stage is engaging and contagious, while the laughter is unforgettable.

“Boris never ceases to amaze!” Howie Mandel
“The most amazing man on the planet!" Robert Irvine
“Prepare to gasp in wonder!” Toronto Sun
“This is your new best friend!” Maury Povich
"Elevating hypnotism from parlor shtick to a comedic state of mind!” Entertainment Weekly

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