Private Peak Performance Coach

Limited in-person self-improvement for business executives, professional athletes and celebrities

Private coaching and self improvement provided on a limited basis.

He has coached and improved performance and well being of celebrities, professional athletes, business moguls, actors and royalty.

Amazing results that start with inception of succcess and translate into personal victories. Initial consult and requirements assessment is always done in person around the globe. Leadership and executive coaching along with follow up is accomplished both live in person and via teleconferencing.

Client receives motivation and positive energy with a mindset shift to achieve dreams, along with tools to make one's vision a reality.

Discression is assured.

Professional athletes are provided individual mindset adjustment and in-person help with the mental game of sports to achieve extraordinary results. Negotiating your next contract? Performance on the field, court or rink is the best gage of future earnings.

Please get in touch for availability and pricing.