Comedy Hypnotist, Keynote Speaker, TV Guest

Inspirational Team Building Entertainment for corporate functions

Comedy Hypnotist - Brochure (One Sheet)

  There is nobody... nobody that successfully combines being a hypnotist and a comedian. The show is a laugh riot. This guy wows the crowd. You won't be disappointed.  

The Core



Boris brings charisma and charm to every performance. He is a comedian who reinforces his positive message with hypnosis and well-crafted wording. Experience uncontrolled laughter during the entire performance. The hypnosis process is explained in the beginning of the show and volunteers are invited to experience the power of suggestion on stage. Participants are quickly hypnotized and get involved in a series of skits that showcase the powers of the mind. Hilarious comedy routines are delivered tastefully, while motivational messages are woven into the presentation. Material always fits the moment and ensures a memorable experience for audience and participants alike. The show is fast pace, musical and inspirational. Boris has performed over 10,000 shows in 35+ countries for four decades. Expect perfection on stage and during the entire booking process. Every show is unique and laughter will fill the venue in the hands of a master hypnotist and skilled showman.


Hypnosis shows are phenomenal for team building and motivation. Boris' impressive client list includes Google, 3M, Sysco, Domino's, Telus, Raytheon, New York Life among other top brands. Hire a keynote speaker to deliver a bonding experience that concludes with positive reinforcement.


Nothing is ever pre-arranged - everything happens right in front of your eyes. Participants interact with audience members and other hypnotized subjects. Comedy routines are carefully crafted to empower and transform participants into superstar performers. Boris uses very fast hypnosis inductions as well as progressive relaxation techniques. He demonstrates the power of suggestion with precise comedic timing. Eager volunteers become part of this motivational hypnosis show.


The show keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. Regular performance lasts 60 to 90 minutes and is extremely captivating, leaving the audience want more. Current television shows are ofyrn used as a background to comedy skits. The master hypnotist becomes a director of events, keeping the show moving with hilarious results. Imagine being able to travel to a beach without ever leaving the venue or go White Water Rafting on the Colorado River simply by using your imagination. The trademark routine of the show is the one that is talked about for years, where a participant responds only to "Chip". Every performance demonstrates effects of positive thinking. Boris is friendly and personable, providing life hacks, tools and success insights on and off stage.


The hypnosis show and keynote has been presented to audiences worldwide at venues ranging from theaters and casino showrooms, to corporate functions and award galas. You can also find Boris entertaining regularly on college and university campuses. He has appeared in front of royalty in Dubai, on cruise ships in Japan, resorts in Hawaii, corporate shows in Amsterdam, fairs and exhibitions from Alaska to Toronto, and theater dates in Bermuda. He has entertained troops in Canada, USA and as far as Afghansitan and Kuwait. His hypnosis show delivers a wow factor that always gets the event planner a pat on the back.